Molt EP

by Sleepsearch

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Instar I (free) 03:56
You go where you want But you're always following A new tomorrow A flock of swallows On the coattails of the sun Sail through the blue slow Run through the tree's And meadows Spun in a sea of shadows One hundred degrees I breathe it in And decide to keep It that close I decide to keep My mouth closed Pressed inside my elbow I decide to save that free air And exhale at my household Sit back And watch the sprouts grow I'd feel a warmth Under my foot soles As they rose from the cracks In the hardwood floor And then they clomb And they arched the door And vines hung From the roof And I had grown To feel More at home
Instar II (free) 03:28
I'm going to break out of this mold Shake these feathers off I'm going to break out I'm going to molt Shake these feathers to the floor Can't hold me in no more I'm going to break out of this mold
Instar III (free) 03:01
It happens quickly So keep your eye out You'll see it shine Above the tree-line And steam rising And then you'll smile The new day brings A new breath of air Under these same wings Can't wake up From this strange dream And even if I could I wouldn't Because I wouldn't Want to change a thing
Instar IV (free) 05:30
I felt it coming The pressure built up In my stomach And my blood was running The sun was pulsing Above the hill And the clouds were sulking And resting so still Still the sound of something Droning in the distance Just a tranquil humming Giving the background colour That shadow stands alone Like a windmill Tilting in a gust And spans the land Like a laughing crow And my hair stands On my back As it passes over Like someone tipped That glass of smoke Let the past go You don't have to go fast You just have to play The next note I still try It's still me on the inside The same eyes Under the same winter Midnight star shine With a spring mind And a fear of flying And oceans I stay low and dry I held a torch To the night sky And if you squint your eyes You can see a million fires Burning right beside It's an endless sight And if you chose one now I would climb Into the dark Just to bring you down That spark of light What if the stars are ice? What if they're just holes In the top of the jar And we're just bugs Who forgot how to fly? Beating these drums Like our old wings From an old life Breathing with lungs Like rings in a tree trunk That absorb time Chase, chase I leave it all Chase, chase I leave it all behind The sleepless nights The dream That place Chase, chase I leave it all behind


January 2012, Dream Hop, Queen City, Sleepsearch MOLT EP


released January 16, 2012

Written and performed in 2012 by Travis Findlay
Remastered in 2019 by Angel Marcloid


all rights reserved




Sleepsearch is Travis Findlay.

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